Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Next Project

Since 3,5 years I'm back in Astronomy I completed 2 projects: the Messier list was completed in 2006 and the Herchell 400 list has been recently completed early December 2007. I really enjoyed doing those projects because it's like an objective to pursue. It's rather long term (takes more than a year to do), it needs good planning, patience is key but also perseverance. I like to be under the stars with a list to complete, if you know what I'm meaning.

So what’s next?

I’m thinking about 2 possible projects. The Herschel II list is the first one. I’m not so sure the 400 objects can be done with a 20cm scope, but I’ll try to do a maximum of it

The 2nd project is based on a fantastic accomplishment of a Dutch astronomer. He has been able to observe 282 planetary nebulas with a 20cm scope. Can you imagine the performance?
So I’m currently making a list of all planetaries above -30° and brighter than 14.3. It’s a list of 312 objects but I’m sure not all of them are visible. The list is based on http://www.deepskylog.be/ and Eye&Telescope planning software.

So I’ll start once the sky is clear, which is hopefully for not too long now. I’m eager to start those 2 nice projects …

Clear skies to all of you.

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